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  • Can I write my own tag with instructions??
    Of Course. You can write your own tag (7 words or less) with ANY kind of instructions you like. All you have to do is let us know in the payment box. (Remember to let us know if its male or female or Kids voice that you want for your tag. The payment box is really easy to fill out.
  • I am a little nervous about paying upfront for a tag. I have been burned in the past dealing with other sites
    We get it !! We have been there also. We know buyers don't want their money floating around in cyberspace for 6 or 7 days (sometimes longer) so you can rest a little more easy knowing that your tag will be coming soon. Also, since opening in 2009, KnockSquared has not had ANY bad reports or scams attatched to his name. When you think about it dealing with over 24 thousand producers since we started doing tags, it's AMAZING to not have any bad reports. The reason is we want you to return many times for your voice tag needs. One last thing. The owner KnockSquared is a public figure well known in the online producer community, and very active on YOUTUBE (almost 28 thousand subscribers) and all social media. The reason you are probably here is from seeing him online. So yes, there is a face and reputation attached to the site.We are not some random producer making random tags doing random things with your money. This is business.
  • Can I get a Refund if I am not happy.
    We only give refunds if we have not sent the tag out yet. Although no refunds are given once the tag is received, we will fix any issues you have with the tag as far as effects or how the tag was said so don't worry. Wanting a revision with different wording is not allowed. Just know we make every attempt to make sure the customer is happy with the final product.
  • Are purchased tags "Royalty Free"?"
    Once you purchase the voice tag, YOU OWN IT 100 percent. This means we will NEVER get any royalties or any other form of future payment for the tag you bought. We have produced tags over 24 thousand producers ranging from beginners to multi platinum pros, and we have NEVER asked for royalties. Rest assured the tag is 100 percent YOURS once you purchase it.
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